Since 1975, Casey Accounting & Finance Resources, Inc. has established over a 35 year tradition of providing exceptional professional services to our clients. We are hired by some of the finest corporations to identify those accounting and finance professionals who excel in their skills. With our breadth of experience, we understand the requirements to bring our clients the candidates they need to match their needs quickly and efficiently.

Casey Accounting & Finance Resources, Inc. specializes in the placement of Accounting & Finance Professionals for direct hire, temp-to-hire, project staffing and temporary services. We are dedicated to quality, professionalism and excellent customer service while providing innovative staffing services. The organizations we serve had access to superior candidates, giving them the competitive edge and getting the staffing talent they need today! Our services include:

Direct Hire Staffing and Executive Placement

With our expertise in financial recruiting, we will identify the top talent available based upon the position specifications including core competencies, specific objectives for the position, career opportunity and company culture. The key to our success is our extensive network and broad reaching recruitment program for Accounting and Finance Professionals. Many of our candidates are not active on the market, so we can tap into resources not available to others. Our in-depth understanding of the Accounting and Finance functions enables us to accurately assess our candidates’ backgrounds, ensuring only highly qualified candidates are presented for your review. We start with the job specifications, and continue through the process including candidate identification, interview process, offer and acceptance, and follow up once the candidate starts to ensure a successful hire. Our ongoing follow up allows us to achieve even a deeper understanding of the company culture and human capital requirements. Every placement is guaranteed. At Casey Accounting & Finance Resources, Inc. our goal is to provide high performance candidates who will make strong contributions to their employer.


Companies today need flexibility to handle workload fluctuations. A temp-to-hire arrangement is a great way to see a candidate’s performance on the job allowing the supervisor to see firsthand how a prospective employee will perform and interact in the role prior to making a full time hiring commitment. A temp-to-hire arrangement also benefits the potential employee since they can utilize their skills while getting to know the company. With the goal of securing full time employment, this is an excellent way to try the company out and ensure this is a good hiring decision for both parties!

Project Staffing

Providing accounting and finance professionals to our clients on a project-by-project is another key to our success. Special projects come up with specific deadlines. What better way to get your projects completed by bringing in interim staff specifically for the project? You will have a focused staff ensuring the project implementation, and not have to worry about overstaffing your department. We have seasoned professionals that can step in today with little ramp up time to get your projects done and completed on time.

Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing is key to successful business strategies concerning work force staffing. It is a sound business strategy that gives the company flexibility while bringing in skilled professionals to augment their current staff. With our experience in strategic staffing, we can locate the best qualified candidates when extended leaves, vacancies and seasonal crunches create the need for temporary staff to fill the gap.

Our areas of expertise include all levels of Accounting & Finance Professionals including:

Chief Financial Officers
Assistant Controllers
Accounting Managers
Sr. Accountants
Staff Accountants
Budget Analysts
Financial Analysts
Cost Accountants
Payroll Manager
Payroll Professionals
Tax Professionals
Credit and Collections Professionals
Accounts Payable Professionals
Accounts Receivable Specialists
Accounting Clerks

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